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Ellie Aitken

Pre-Acsis Quotes

These are the pre-AcSis quotes accumulated on Gillian's facebook and mine.

Ellie, the Head Fruitcake:

"Would you like something to eat while you sit on my toilet?" (now the classic Ellie quote)
"Does that mean all people who make references to LOTR are turned on by Hobbits?"
"Oh cup!" (not funny? We WERE about to get hit by a car...)
"Are your nuts ginger?"
"I got taken out by a tomato."
"We're hugging a cars but!" (another classic Ellie)
"It's always worse when your ass is wet."

James, the Dad-person:

"It looks like a random camel thing you get out of cereal." (bearing in mind that this was about an apple core while he was drunk)
"I'll make it even if it is a random comment about goldfish!"

Cecilia, A 26-girl (one of Ellie's people):

"I have a shot glass up my ass."

Julia, A Uni Hall Girl (one of Gillian's people):

"Your eyeshadow is lovely...but you should really go to the doctor."
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